I’ve been a writer and a creator for as long as I can remember. Writing – regardless of the topic – and creating – in any form possible – have always been two things that come naturally to me. Which is why in the fall of 2016, I began this little corner of the internet titled, Food Gal Al – where I create recipes and write about it!

As my life and blog continue to evolve, I find myself wanting to write about where I’m at in life – as opposed to staying “on brand” with only writing about food. In 2018, I got engaged, bought a home, and continued to raise our baby French Bulldog, Francois; and with such, priorities change.

As with all things in life, topics of interest ebb and flow, and these days, I’ve dedicated my blog to more than just feeding bellies. I hope my stories, experiences, and writing feeds your soul, your interests, and perhaps make you feel less alone.

If you’re here for the Food, have no fear! You can still find me stinkin’ up your Instagram stories with what I’m cooking for dinner, where I’m dining out at, and where I’m exploring. I’m also a freelance food writer for Visit KCK  and have a bit of experience copywriting for food and beverage products. So you’ll find LOTS of my food writing elsewhere.

If you’re here for the Gal, you’re in the right place. You’ll find me writing about life, revelations, relationships, wedding planning, home decorating / renovations in the months to come, and life with a French Bulldog.

We will laugh, we might cry, but we will have fun!

Alex Johannes