Life Update and Introducing a New Blog Series: Food Gal’s Getting Married!


GUYSSSSSS!!!!!!! HIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. It’s been awhile. My much-needed blog sabbatical felt so good! It’s officially been three months since my last blog post. The last we talked I shared my favorite dairy inspired recipes for the holiday’s and I can’t believe that was BEFORE Christmas. Time has flown. Let’s recap some of the things that have happened since I’ve been gone (a la Kelly Clarkson):

  1. Kansas City was hit with LOTS of winter storms – snow, snow go away. Power was out, roads were icy, and snow days were had by all.
  2. I said “YES” to my wedding dress!!!!!
  3. The KC Chiefs lost a brutal play-off game to the Patriots (I h8 u Tom Brady). Also let this be remembered as the day I actually cared about football. Shout out to District Pour House for keeping the grapefruit mimosas flowing alllll day + for those sweet potato waffle fries. BLESS.
  4. We had one carbon monoxide scare, subsequently followed by the installation of a new water heater, a trip to the ER, and to the Vet. Everything turned out ok!
  5. I started improv classes and had my first improv show on March 8th! I start my second round of classes in April! 😊
  6. I started seeing a therapist because mental health and taking care of yourself is kewl.
  7. It’s finally spring here in KC!! Matt and I dug up all the rest of the nasty plants in our back garden, cleaned out our garage and have plenty of home cleaning and redesigning projects in the works. What a time to be alive. This is (almost) 30.
  8. Matt and I have been wedding planning, organizing, and coordinating our butts off! It’s been so fun watching my vision come together and making it happen. We just had our engagement shoot last Saturday and our photographer sent us some sneak peeks, and I’m DEAD.


Speaking of wedding planning, I’ve decided to do a series of posts regarding all things wedding! From how Matt and I met, to the food, event design, the florals, my wedding skin preparation, diet and exercise, the bachelorette party, and even some wedding day etiquette — I have plenty to share! Wedding planning is really where I’m exerting most of my creative energy and I feel sharing my ideas with some tips and tricks on the side could be fun for all of us (you’re having fun right?!?!?!!?). At the end of my series I will post a recap of all the details from my wedding day so you can see how everything came together. Wow, that just gave me chills. I’M GETTING MARRIED, Y’ALL.  The first post in the series will drop in April! SEE YOU THEN.

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Food Gal’s Getting Married – A weekly series! Food Gal’s Getting Married unpacks all things wedding, love, party planning, and event design, with a mix of skin care, beauty, and favorite workouts on the side! Brought to you by Alex Johannes the creator behind Food Gal Al. (writing in 3rd person is fun).

LOVE YA!!!!!



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