Restaurant Review: Parlor KC

Finally, finally, FINALLY found some time to sit and gather my thoughts on the magic that is Parlor KC. If you don’t know – or live under an actual rock – which is totes cool because nature is fun, Kansas City has been blessed with open eating food concept – Parlor KC. What? Like a food court? Ya like a food court: but with two stories, in-tune and modern decor, fully stocked bars, and seven chef-driven food concepts. Aka this ain’t your mama’s food court.

One of the many cozy and conversational lounge areas at Parlor KC.

Parlor KC is situated on the up-and-coming Locust St. in the Crossroads – next to The Guild, Dance Fit Flow, and near other KC faves like Grinder’s, Lifted Spirits Distillery, Double Shift Brewing Company, and ITap just down the street. The place opens at 11am and makes for a good lunch spot to show off to your coworkers; BUT *my* recommendation is to go in the evening because it makes for a PERFECT pre-game spot to grab a bite to eat and get some drinks before you head out for the night (open until midnight). With seven restaurants to choose from, and loads of specialty cocktails everyone in your party will be pleased with their options.

The “Hustle and Meditate” cocktail was definitely one of my faves.

The seven restaurants inside are fast-casual concepts – meaning you order at the counter and they text you when your order is ready. While you wait you can wander around, order a cocktail, or just hang out with your friends. The restaurants include: Sura Eats, Karbon, Yaki Ya, Mother Clucker, Farm to Market Sandwich Co., Vildhast, and Providence Pizzeria Co.


I loved the food-centric art installations


I had the pleasure of first visiting Parlor with a crew that was DOWN to try a little bit of everything (special shout out to @habetchually_hungry, @cravingoutloud and  so we (with the help of some pals) split up to conquer each restaurant. Here’s our order break down:

  • Farm to Market Sandwich Co.: pretzels and grilled cheese
  • Providence Pizza: Detroit-style red on top pizza
  • Sura Eats: the best flipping rice cakes you’ll ever have in your life
  • Vildhast: Copenhagen street dog (which I didn’t eat at the time because I didn’t know it was all beef and I’m presently not eating pork because my dog kind of looks like a piggy and every time I see him roll around in the mud on a hot sunny day I’m just like omg i love you so much I can never eat a pig again because you are a pig.) (But I also really like pepperoni so its been a really hard transition for me but I haven’t ate pork for a year and I’ve survived so here we are). Good talk.
  • Karbon: Elotes and chicken fried empanada
  • Mother Clucker: Quarter Bird with mac and cheese, french fries and the Elvis shake (NOTE: Matt and I came back on Friday just so I could get the Chicken Sandwich because they were out of it the night I was there and IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER).
  • Yaki Ya: Okonomiyaki Hiroshima Style (sans bacon) (because of my pig dog).
  • Parlor Cocktails: I also imbibed on some delicious cocktails while there I ordered:
    • Hustle and Meditate: Amaro Nonino, Sparkling Rose, Lavender, Lemon; and,
    • Blonde Redhead: Gin, Campari, Black Vermouth, Carrot
A full bar featuring specialty cocktails, wines, and beer. Can’t wait to come back and try the “Hold me Closer (Tony Danza)”

Of all the delicious items gobbled down, the two items that stick out to me the most is the the DELICIOUS F&%$ING chicken from Mother Clucker and the best EVER pizza from Providence Pizza.


First let me start with Mother Clucker. The seasoning, flavor, and juiciness of the chicken is BAR-NONE. Everything about it is absolute perfection. There is so much flavor and heat and spice and nuance you don’t need dip or sauce its BEAUTIFUL. The Sandwich was an absolute knockout and I honestly cannot wait to go back and get it again.

Will you marry me?

I need to have a chat with Detroit and the fact that its been hiding this gorgeously delicious, crisp, flavorful pizza from me for the last 29 years of my life. My mind was absolutely blown. Providence Pizza serves NY style, Pan pizza, small pizzas, and Detroit pizza. I never knew Detroit had its own pizza and I never knew I would actually like a pizza *possibly* more the NYC style. But this Detroit style pizza situation has me SHOOK. The crust was oily and crispy with cheddar cheese baked into the crust. The sauce was sweet, yet tasted freshly crushed and the Italian spices melded beautifully with the mozzarella, romano and ricotta. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS.

Needless to say, if you’re still reading this… what are you even doing? Don’t you have somewhere to be – like Parlor KC?

Happy Eating!

Food Gal Al


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  1. knels89 says:

    Omgsh Detroit has their own pizza?! STOP. When I come visit you can you we please go here?! Thanks. Bye!

    1. Alex says:

      Yes and it is next level!

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