The Perfect Galentine’s Charcuterie


I’ll be honest. When I created this charcuterie board I imagined a bunch of gals getting together for a cute Galentine’s Day brunch. And if I’m being REALLY honest I imagined this Galentine’s Day brunch as a pajama party where everyone wore different variations of cute pink pajamas and fuzzy slippers, sipped champagne, and noshed on my charcuterie board. Doesn’t that sound SO CUTE?! DOESN’T IT?? It’s funny how an idea for food can lead me down a rabbit hole of a Martha Stewart-esque brunch. Oh, I also forgot to mention I was hosting this brunch in my big, beautiful white mansion with natural lighting and French doors opening to the back garden. I also had a fluffy Fancy Feast looking cat.

That’s basically how I would like you to feel about yourself when you recreate my charcuterie board at home. There is something so elegant and sophisticated in calling a little board of cheeses, meats, fruit and dips “Charcuterie”. Back in my day we referred to this as the “cheese tray” and it usually arrived in a pre-packaged plastic serving contraption from HyVee with cubed Velveeta. SO FANCE.

However, us Millennials just had to go and ruin everything and now the simple cheese tray of 2000 is an elegant and refined platter of elevated cheeses, candied bacon, marmalades, and high-falutin’ fruits. The plus side? The work involved in creating this platter is just as easy as it was 20 years ago (because let’s be honest – no one wants to do more kitchen work than necessary).

All you need for the charcuterie board is a cute serving dish. It can be a cute wooden paddle like mine ($10 from Aldi – YEP) OR let’s just be honest, maybe you have some trays from your wedding that you never thought you’d actually use (I’m not married but I feel like this is a thing for married people?) Whatever your dish is assemble it with a cheese, a meat (optional), a fruit, crackers or bread and fill in any blank spaces with nuts, olives, dried fruits, or dips.

The particular charcuterie I created for my make-believe Galentine’s pajama brunch includes: broiled grapefruit, sliced baguette, brie cheese, burrata with honey drizzle, and grapes. The beauty of this tray is that everything is bought from the store and slapped, smacked, and stacked right onto the board and suddenly you’re the Picasso of Charcutes. Just accept the compliments that come your way. Don’t you dare admit how easy it is.


·         Brie Cheese

·         Burrata, drained

·         Honey, ¼ cup or preference

·         Grapes

·         Grapefruit

·         1-2 Tbsp brown sugar

·         1 Baguette Sliced (optional: broil on high with olive oil for 1 minute to toast / warm)



1.       For the grapefruit, slice in half. Generously rub brown sugar on each half of grapefruit. Transfer grapefruit halves to a baking dish, and broil on high for 3-5 minutes until sugar is browned.

2.       On the board / serving tray: assemble cheeses, baguette slices, grapes, and grapefruit on board. Drizzle honey over burrata (you may want a separate, shallow dish so the honey and burrata doesn’t make a mess all over the board).

3.       Serve immediately and enjoy!

Have a fab Valentine’s and Galentine’s my friends!


Food Gal Al


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