Raw CocoChoco Trail Mix


Hellloo!!!! Happy Sunday everyone. How was everyone’s weekend? I spent the weekend being totally annoyed by the midwest winter. Saturday was lovely and sunny and 50s. And today is cold and was basically a snow tundra for a whole 2 hours, then stopped, became sunny again, but still remained COLD. Can you tell I’m ready for spring??

I’m not grumpy, you’re grumpy.

In more interesting news, Kylie Jenner finally announced that she was pregnant this whole time and had her baby yesterday. I totally got choked up at the cute little baby video she posted. It makes me want to be secretive and private like that and then whip out a video of what I’ve been doing for the past 9 months. Except, if I went rogue on social media for 9 months I wonder if anyone would even notice?!?! If you post something on Instagram and you don’t have 100M followers did anyone see it at all? That’s the beauty of having a famous family. You have the luxury of being private and people give a hoot. Goals. Please forgive me for saying “hoot”.

In the midst of my involvement in everyone’s lives but my own, I began having sympathy cravings and needed something sweet. You know, for the baby. However, since doing my January Whole30 (albeit half-assed) I’m trying to continue to make healthy choices that make me feel good and give me long lasting energy. I’m axing foods that zap my energy (i.e. refined carbs and high-glycemic foods) on a regular basis. Meaning, instead of reaching for a sleeve of oreos or a pint of caramel ice cream every night – I’m making the effort to reach for nutritious “sweets” as part of my lifestyle.

Enter stage left: Frozen Cashews. I’ve been on a frozen raw cashew kick lately which was the basis for this CocoChoco trail mix. During Whole30, I actually loved to eat them plain in their whole form, or soaked and pureed into a cream sauce. Cashews are my new love.

All you need for this trail mix are some cashews, chocolate chips (or cacao nibs), pepitas, and shredded unsweetened coconut. The end result is divine. Sweet, nutty, chocolatey and coconutty. All the “y’s”. I keep this mix in the freezer because it tastes like a frozen little treat when I want it. And it’s oh so good. You know, for the cravings.

Here’s what I used to make this trail mix:

·      1 cup raw cashews

·      1 cup shredded unsweetened coconut

·      ½ – ¾ cup chocolate chips or cacao nibs

·      ½ cup raw pepitas

Directions: Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix until combined. Put in a dish and cover with lid. Place in fridge or freezer to keep ingredients cold and tasty.




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